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I'll be your Personal Guide

This is an exciting time in your life. What’s in store for you is wide open; whether it’s going to College, signing up for the Armed Forces, traveling the globe or going straight into the work force. You want to remember this time in your life with pictures. It’s a stamp on your passport to adulthood.

I'm here to help you pick a location with the perfect lighting. The best time is 2hrs prior to sunset.  I have you bring 2 to 3 outfits that portray your personality. Also I encourage to bring any activity that you played in high school whether that is an instrument, sports, or anything that was your passion during your senior year.

The Investment Details

 1 hr. Session from $450
2hr. Session from $550
Add a sibling, family member, friend
Inquire Within

1. What is your style of photography? (Dark/Moody or Light/Airy or True to Life)
     Answer: I photograph true to life and more on the bright and airy side.

2. How many pictures will I get?
     Answer:   I promise  80images per hour.

3. Will all my images be edited and  how many do I get?
     Answer: All the delivered images are edited.  Also I edit the face for just he senior picture you choose to submit to your year book. If you want more detailed editing please request that.

4. How will I receive the images? (prints/online/usb)
     Answer:  You will receive the images on an online gallery as well as a USB, and a print release to print wherever.

5. How long have you been doing photography?
     Answer:  I started in 1994 in HS, then in College, In 2009 I started doing weddings, and then in 2014 I opened Drive The Image. 

6. How many senior sessions have you shot ?
     Answer:  I've shot over 100 senior sessions.

7. Do you have insurance?
     Answer:  Yes, I have insurance that covers me as the photographer and if anything happens to my clients while I’m representing my company. I also have equipment insurance and NPS with Nikon so I can get my equipment fixed and sent back to me asap.

8. Can I reschedule if I'm sick or something happens that I can't make it?
     Answer:  Things happen so I get it. Their is a $100 reschedule fee though.

9. How are you with posing the senior?
     Answer: I’m great with posing the senior in different poses. Of course I try to bring your personality out so I get your genuine smile. I won't pose you in positions that don't fit your personality or that are uncomfortable.  If you don't like to show teeth than we won't do many pictures with teeth. However your parent will probably want to see a few with you showing your teeth.

10. How are you with different lighting situations? (Meaning do you use more natural light or flash)
    Answer:  I personally use off camera flash outdoors to fill in the shadows and bring out the landscape behind you.

Top 10 Things To Ask Your Senior Photographer