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Estes Park Wedding

A selection of Gorgeous Engagement Sessions


Elopements of Beautiful couples from around Colorado


Breckenridge Wedding

Lodge at Breckenridge

Colorado Springs Wedding

Garden of the Gods Resort

Keystone Wedding


Woodland Park Wedding

The Edgewood Inn

A-Basin Wedding


BAiley Wedding

Deer Creek Valley

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I'll be your Personal Guide

When photographing your wedding I will be helping with so many things, not just photographing the two of you. I want the day to go as smoothly as possible.
- Prepare you for your wedding.
-Have a shot list made (decide on best time to do formals, intimate images, and if a first look is needed to save time) It's all about lighting and how much you will have it on your wedding day.
- Put together a timeline with you.
- I'll be familiar with your venue and locations we will be shooting at.

The Investment Details

        4 hr Weddings from $2500
6hr Weddings from $3500
8hr Weddings from $4000
Destination Inquire Within

1. What is your style of photography? (Dark/Moody or Light/Airy or True to Life)
     Answer: I photograph true to life and more on the bright and airy side.

2. How many pictures will I get?
     Answer:   I promise  80images per hour.

3. Will all my images be edited and do I get any in B&W?
     Answer: All the delivered images are edited and B&W on request.

4. How will I receive the images? (prints/online/usb)
     Answer:  You will receive the images on an online gallery as well as a USB, and a print release to print wherever.

5. How long have you been doing photography?
     Answer:  I started in 1994 in HS, then in College, In 2009 I started doing weddings, and then in 2014 I opened Drive The Image. 

6. How many weddings have you shot as the lead photographer?
     Answer:  I've shot over 350 weddings and around 250 of those I was the main shooter.

7. Do you have insurance?
     Answer:  Yes, I have insurance that covers me as the photographer and if anything happens to my clients while I’m representing my company. I also have equipment insurance and NPS with Nikon so I can get my equipment fixed and sent back to me asap.

8. Do you have a backup in case anything happens?
     Answer:  I know quite a few photographers that I have as a backup in case something happens to me.

9. How are you with getting the families together for all the formal images?
     Answer: I’m great at wrangling families together and getting them to pose in a fashionably matter. Usually, you have 30 mins to an hour to do formal pictures and depending on how big your family is we could have less time. As a photographer, it is our job to keep everything going smoothly so you as the couple isn’t stressed. If you have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator that always helps the whole day go a lot smoother. 

10. How are you with different lighting situations? (Meaning do you use more natural light or flash)
    Answer:  I personally use both natural light and flash, since it all depends on the situation. I’m not scared to use flash at all. I use off-camera flash during the reception and it’s much needed since the majority of venues are darkly lit.

Top 10 Things To Ask Your Wedding Photographer