Behind-the-Scenes of me working at The Hearth House Venue in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado is a gorgeous state to get married in. Hearth House venue in Colorado Springs, Colorado didn’t disappoint. You can do a first look at Palmer Lake which is only five minutes away to get the views of Pikes Peak. Doing a first look is always a good idea because it gives you more time with your guests. Also, you never know with Colorado weather. It can change from minute to minute. This particular wedding had a gust of wind come blowing in and it ended our picture-taking immediately.

Whenever I’m photographing a wedding ceremony or formal pictures I make sure to take images from all different angles. I never stay in one place long during the ceremony since I want to capture everything from the Groom’s first glance, to the Dad handing over his daughter, to the ring exchanges, and of course the first kiss. I also want to capture the couple’s parent’s reactions as well as their other family members. It helps to know where their parents, siblings, and grandparents are sitting. This particular wedding party got to sit down during the entire ceremony so it helped me to capture everyone’s reaction.

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