Questions to ask your Wedding Venue

It can be stressful finding just the right wedding venue that meets all your needs. The main thing wedding couples say is, “I’ve never done this before,” since it’s their first wedding. I totally get it and that’s why I’m here to help with the venue process. These are some of the questions you would want to ask your wedding venue to make sure it’s a good fit for you, your family, and your friends.

Wedding Venue Questionnaire 

  1.  Do you provide in-house catering? Or, do you have a list of preferred caterers and or food trucks? If you have catering is it buffet style, family style, individual plates, etc? Special diets/allergy restrictions?
  2. Is there an outdoor space to get married?
  3. Is there an indoor space in case it rains to get married?
  4. Is there a getting-ready spot for the bride as well as the groom on site?
  5. Do you host more than one event on the same day?
  6. Is there parking on-site and or offer valet? Rides share easy to access? Handicap parking/access?
  7. What hotels are nearby for out-of-town guests? Do you have lodging onsite? Do you offer a shuttle service to any of these hotels?
  8. What days of the week do you do weddings?  Are there different rates for different days of the week as well as seasons?
  9. How far in advance can someone reserve a date?
  10. Are the setup and breakdown the couple’s responsibility or do you have a wedding coordinator?
  11. Will you provide table linens, plates, glassware, and utensils or will they need to bring their own? How about decorations/signs?
  12. Do you allow the couple to work with other vendors, or have preferred vendors?
  13. Is there a bar staffed or is a bartender need to be hired? Can they bring their own alcohol?
  14. How many restrooms are there on-site?
  15. Are any restrictions on site such as smoking, noise, alcohol, etc?
  16. Are there controls for the AC/Heating?
  17. What’s your cancelation policy?
  18. Can they bring their own DJ? How’s the sound system?  Is there a time that they have to stop playing music/noise restrictions?
  19. Is their security on site?
  20. Are children allowed and are there changing tables for babies?

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